Transdisciplinary Topical Discussions

TTDs are interactive 90-minute sessions on current and highly debated topics of great importance to the field. A TTD is moderated by an experienced researcher who is an expert in the field of the topic to be discussed. Ideally, the moderator is accompanied by a co-moderator who can take notes. TTD sessions are open to all conference attendees from the various fields of nicotine and tobacco research, thereby allowing for a maximum of interaction and diversity in the discussion. The focus of a TTD is outlined by its title and abstract, but the actual content will be based on discussion points raised and agreed by the moderator and attendees of the session on the spot (there will be no prepared talks or slide shows). A whiteboard or flipchart will be available to visually structure the discussion.

Abstract submission instructions for TTDs

  • Include author names with affiliations of the moderator and co-moderator.
  • Provide a complete mailing address, including email address, for the moderator. The Munich SRNT-E meeting office will communicate ONLY with the moderator through the email address given at the time of submission (it is the responsibility of the moderator to communicate with the co-moderator). Should this email address change at any time, please notify meeting office immediately so that you receive timely correspondence regarding your abstract submission.
  • Limit the abstract to 750 characters in length (including spaces but NOT including title, authors, affiliations or funding information).
  • The TTD should have a thought-provoking title that describes the focus of the session and a key aspect of the debate, e.g. “NRT bought over the counter: are gums and patches possibly not effective in the real world?”
  • The abstract is unstructured and provides brief background information on the topic as well as one or more problem statements or potential aspects of the debate.