Poster sessions

Poster sessions allow presenters to discuss their research with interested colleagues over a period of  60 minutes in an informal setting. No other sessions will coincide with the poster sessions to maximise exchange of results and promote communication among researchers with common interests.

The posters were split into six moderated poster sessions which will take place on Thursday, 6 September and Friday, 7 September 2018.

Further details on the poster sessions at which each presenter must be available for discussion, are shown in our online programme. The best 3 of all those submitted will be announced during the closing session on Saturday and awarded with a poster prize.

The poster size shall be DIN A0 which is 118.9 cm high and 84.1 cm wide. It is thus requested that posters be prepared in portrait format. Contents should be easily read at a distance of 150 cm. Poster display boards as well as materials for putting up the posters will be provided for all presenters.

Poster presentations will be approximately 2 minutes presentation time and 3-4 minutes discussion.

Poster session overview:

Thursday, 6 September 2018
Friday, 7 September 2018
14:00 - 15:0014:00 - 15:00
Poster session 1
GymPoster session 4Gym
En1Electronic inhalation products - IChair: Leonie BroseEn3Electronic inhalation products - IIIChair: Caitlin Notley
En2Electronic inhalation products - IIChair: Lion ShahabEn4Electronic inhalation products - IVChair: Tobias Rüther
VulVulnerable groupsChair: Mirte KuipersEpiEpidemiologyChair: Allison Ford
Poster session 2Foyer gymPoster session 5Foyer gym
Di1Disease and healthcare - IChair: Ivan BerlinDi2Disease and healthcare - IIChair: Amanda Farley
PolTobacco control policy
Chair: Ann McNeill
Poster session 3Glass hallPoster session 6Glass hall
Ce2Smoking cessation and reduction - IIChair: Amanda MathewBasPre-clinical and basic scienceChair: Lynne Dawkins
PrePregnancy and newbornsChair: Megan PasseyCe1Smoking cessation and reduction - IChair: Karen Cropsey
Yo2Young people - IIChair: Peter LindingerMedPharmacotherapyChair: Serena Tonstad
Yo1Young people - IChair: Constantine Vardavas


Bas = Pre-clincal, basic science; Ce = Smoking cessation, recuction, treatment, outcomes, predictors; Di = Disease, healthcare; En = ENDS; Epi = Epidemiology; Med = Medication, varenicline, bupropion, cytisine, NRT; Pol = Tobacco control, legislation, policy; Pre = Pregnancy, newborn; Vul = Vulnerable groups, low SES, minorities; Yo = Young people, adolescents