Rapid Response Posters

Submissions for rapid response poster presentations must be received electronically and no later than 23:59 CET on 19 July 2018, to be considered for inclusion in the program. Consider submitting your abstract earlier than this deadline.

Poster Only

Poster sessions allow presenters to discuss their research with interested colleagues over a period of 90-120 minutes in an informal setting. No other sessions will coincide with the poster sessions to maximise exchange of results and promote communication among researchers with common interests. Poster submissions judged to be especially rigorous and significant may be selected for an oral presentation (if the author agrees).

The poster size shall be DIN A0 which is 118.9 cm high and 84.1 cm wide. It is thus requested that posters be prepared in portrait format. Contents should be easily read at a distance of 150 cm. Poster display boards as well as materials for putting up the posters will be provided for all presenters.

Abstract submission instructions for poster presentations

When preparing an abstract for submission, please carefully follow the instructions below:

  • All abstracts must be prepared in plain text, in English, with no embedded symbols or formatting characters. Submissions may not include charts, graphs, tables, or references. Please spell out the symbols (alpha, beta, microns, picomolar, etc.) or translate them (mean, chi square, etc.) in your abstract submission.
  • The Munich SRNT-E meeting office will communicate ONLY with the presenting author through the email address given at the time of submission (it is the responsibility of the presenting/lead author to communicate with the rest of the authors). Should this email address change at any time, please notify meeting office immediately so that you receive timely correspondence regarding your abstract submission.
  • Limit the abstract to 2,200 characters in length (including spaces but NOT including title, authors, affiliations or funding information).
  • If possible, structure the abstract according to the following headings: Background, Methods, Results, Discussion.
  • Indicate all sources of funding for the work described.
  • Include a conflict of interest statement for all authors on the abstract. State “no conflicts of interest” for those authors who do not have any conflicts of interest.
  • Select one of the following main areas of research in which his or her abstract submission will be reviewed:
    • pre-clinical/basic science
    • clinical
    • epidemiology/public health
    • policy
  • Select at least two keywords that best describe the abstract submission.
  • Proofread your submission. If included in the program, your author-prepared abstract will be published exactly as it appears on your electronic submission. SRNT-E is not responsible for author errors.
  • You will be provided with a username and password in your confirmation email. The username and password, along with the link, will enable you to make changes to your abstract up until the submission deadline (no changes will be allowed after that deadline).

Each presenting/lead author will receive an email confirmation from the submission system within 24-48 hours of abstract submission. Please keep a copy of this confirmation email for any late editing of your abstract. If you do not receive an email response within 48 hours, SRNT-E did not receive your abstract. In this case, it is your responsibility to contact the Munich SRNT-E meeting office via email at: srnt [at] eventlab [dot] org