4. Fachtagung Tabakentwöhnung
8. und 9. September 2018

Smoking and Disease

6–8 September 2018

SRNT Europe
18th Annual Conference


Ludwig-Maximilians-University | Psychiatric Clinic
Nußbaumstraße 7 | Munich, Germany


Welcome to the 18th Annual Conference of the SRNT-E!

We look forward to sharing a diverse, international and exciting scientific programme with you.
As always, renowned experts and new talent from all over Europe will inform you about the latest findings of current studies. On the basis of these findings we want to build a bridge between sound science and effective practice.

This year‘s conference will be centred around the topic of smoking and other diseases – does smoking make people ill or does illness make people smoke?
We want to discuss the origin and treatment of tobacco dependence in other diseases. In addition to providing sound insights into the science of tobacco dependence, our conference will also offer practical implications for its prevention and treatment.

It is a great honour to welcome you to the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Hospital of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Our department is devoted to finding a balance between tradition and innovation, as is our home city.

Thanks to its unique charm, Munich – the “metropolis with a heart” – manages to win over every visitor within a short period of time. Just you wait and see! As the conference president and a passionate tobacco researcher I am very much looking forward to sharing this exciting and unique conference with you.

Dr. Tobias Rüther

Conference President
Chair Local Organizing Committee

Dear colleagues, on behalf of the Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) Europe I also would like to say “servus” and welcome you to join the society’s 2018 conference in Munich!

SRNT-E is the first formal chapter of SRNT, and was formed in 2010 to stimulate the generation of new knowledge concerning nicotine and tobacco at any level of research, from molecular to societal. SRNT-E organises its own scientific conference in a different European country each year. As with previous SRNT-E meetings we are looking forward to a conference where scientists present their cutting edge research from the fields of pre-clinical/basic science, clinical, epidemiology/public health, and policy research. Next to the well-established oral/poster presentations and symposia, researchers can – for the first time at a European conference – submit abstracts for transdisciplinary topical discussions. Also, there will be room for SRNT networks to meet.

We are very happy that SRNT-E will sponsor 4 merit-based travel awards to support participation in the conference. The awards will go to early career researchers and will include 1000 Euros as well as free registration to the conference and conference dinner.

Finally, our international tracks of the conference will be accompanied by a national track in which scientists and practitioners in tobacco research and treatment from Germany can meet and share their findings.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Kotz

Chair, SRNT-E 2018 conference scientific committee | President-elect, SRNT-E